Golden Visa Countries

List of Countries that Offer Golden Visas

Those who qualify for a Golden Visa may quickly get a second passport or, at the very least, residence in another nation for themselves and their family.

These visas have grown in popularity in recent years, particularly those given by European Union nations, where a passport or residency permit comes with a slew of additional perks, like Schengen freedom and access to the EU free market.

But what exactly is a Golden Visa, and who is eligible to apply for one?

The following is a list of nations that participate in the Golden Visa program:

  1. Anguilla.

  2. Antigua and Barbuda are two Caribbean islands.

  3. Austria.

  4. Canada.

  5. Germany.

  6. Greece.

  7. Grenada.

  8. Ireland.

  9. Malta.

  10. New Zealand is a country in New Zealand.

  11. Portugal

  12. Singapore.

  13. Spain.

  14. St. Kitts and Nevis are two Caribbean islands.

  15. Saint Lucia.

  16. Switzerland.

  17. The Cayman Islands are a group of islands in the Caribbean.

  18. The United Kingdom is a country in Europe.

  19. Turkey.

  20. Emirates, United Arab Emirates

  21. America, the United States of America.

  22. Vanuatu.

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Are Golden Visas a Step Toward Citizenship?

Although a Golden Visa always includes a residency permit, obtaining a passport frequently takes longer. Yes, a Golden Visa may ultimately lead to citizenship, but you must first reside in the nation for many years.

If you apply for a Spanish Golden Visa, for example, you will be granted a residence permit even if you do not plan to live in Spain. However, after 10 years of continuous residency and "ties" to Spain, such as language competency, you may petition for citizenship.

Requirements for Golden Visas

Many governments employed residency by investment to entice foreign investment, either in real estate or by establishing a firm that employs a certain number of locals.

Foreigners may get permanent residence in the nation where they invest, bring their spouse and children to live with them, and study and work there under residency-by-investment programmes.

The following are the Golden Visa requirements:

You must have personal ownership of the funds you desire to invest.

Maintain the investment for at least the minimum period of time necessary.

You must be able to demonstrate that you obtained the funds legitimately.

Have a clean criminal history.

Even if you do not plan to reside there, you must have the financial means to support yourself and any family members accompanying you.

Naturally, there will be extra special criteria based on any Golden Visa you apply for.

How to Obtain a Golden Visa

You must acquire a property (real estate) in a foreign nation to apply for a Golden Visa. This is the most usual way, and most Golden Visa nations provide it. Real estate prices vary from $200,000 to over $2 million.

Other alternatives for investing include*:

Make a financial investment in a company's stock or shares.

Make a capital investment in the government debt or bonds of the nation.

Create chances for employment

Contribute to the scientific or technical innovation of a nation

*Note that not all countries that provide Golden Visas have these investing opportunities.

After you've made your investment, you may apply for a Golden Visa at either your country's embassy or an appropriate government agency overseas. In any situation, the Embassy should be your first port of call.

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