Golden Visa Investment Programs

Golden Visa Investment Programs

It doesn't matter what you name it: a Golden Visa, an immigrant investor program, or a residency by investment.

What's crucial to note, and it's obvious, is that Europe's investment immigration business has exploded.

The year 2019 was a record-breaking one for the area, with different residency and citizenship schemes bringing in a stunning €5.5 billion. In only four years, it had more than doubled. There's no question that it will skyrocket in the near future.

These EU Golden Visa initiatives have only been established for a decade, but they have already had an effect.

The Portugal Golden Visa program was one of the first EU Golden Visa schemes, having been started in 2012 as part of attempts to bring in desperately needed capital to help the Portuguese real estate market recover.

Now fast forward to today, and real estate values have skyrocketed. According to the head of Portugal's real estate organization, housing prices have increased by 37%. The Portuguese Golden Visa program not only saved the real estate market in Portugal, but it also generated revenue for the nation, which was formerly plagued by high unemployment and an out-of-control economy.

The program generates more than €700 million every year, although it isn't even the most popular in Europe.

The EU Golden Visa initiatives have this kind of authority.

Following Portugal's success, several European middle-income nations eager to earn finances (and who were receptive to immigration) opted to launch their own Golden Visa programs.

This indicates that you have choices.

For Nomad Capitalists seeking a "EU residency visa," EU Golden Visas may be the ideal solution. Furthermore, obtaining EU citizenship may open up new tax methods and offshore opportunities.

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Do you want to live in Europe as a permanent resident?

We'll explain what an EU Golden Visa is, how to get one, and debunk all of the prevalent myths and misunderstandings regarding these programs in this post. We'll also go through the major benefits and drawbacks of incorporating an EU Golden Visa into your overall offshore plan.