What is Golden Visa

What is Golden Visa

Simply explained, Golden Visas are European residency by investment programs, often known as investor visa Europe, that allow a person to receive a temporary or permanent European resident permit in a certain nation.

The "golden" aspect is that you'll be granted an EU residence visa rather than a random island in the middle of the ocean.

The European residency by investment program is also a "golden" opportunity to gain access to these investor visa EU countries, which offer a high standard of living, a familiar western culture, Europe's charm and history, and a strong passport (though citizenship is not guaranteed in most European residency by investment programs).

An EU investment visa not only allows you to live and work in the country while working toward citizenship according to the country's regular naturalization timeline, but it also allows you to spend as much time as you want living and traveling throughout the EU and Schengen Area, making travel to non-Schengen countries like Romania and Cyprus much easier.

The investor visa Europe might be a smart option for Americans who wish to relinquish their US citizenship in exchange for a less strong passport and then use the EU investment visa to protect their travel freedom inside the EU.

Many of the non-EU residence-by-investment schemes are incorrectly marketed as Golden Visas. Despite the mistake, the name has stayed, and many immigrant investment marketers take use of it, often generating misunderstanding.

For the purposes of this essay, only real Golden Visas will be discussed — an EU investment visa that comes with an EU residence permit in return for a financial investment that allows for future citizenship.